Colours that suit you!

Colour can make the single biggest difference in how a room looks and feels. We’ve all had the experience of rooms that just “feel” warm, cool, intimate, or stark based simply on the colour of the walls and ceiling. When choosing interior paint colour there are many factors to consider. Painter's Paint can help you select colours that will give you the feeling you’re looking for!


When you book your consultation, our colour econsultant will come to your home to see your space and to talk to you about what you love in décor and design and colour. You can have pictures of styles you like on hand, if you like – but no preparation on your part is necessary.

Your consultation could cover a new colour scheme for your entire home interior, a floor, kitchen, or living room. Your colour professional will assess all the fixed elements – things like countertops, flooring, your sofa, or the drapes you don’t plan on changing – to ensure the palette you choose together will complement what exists in your home.

Our colour experts work with you to ensure that your home expresses your personality based on your feedback of what you like and don’t. You’ll both keep playing until you find what feels exactly right. From trim to ceiling, you’ll know exactly what colours you need and where each is to go.


Korey has worked with Benjamin Moore since 2007, based out of locations in Penticton, Vancouver, and West Vancouver. Her formal training is in visual arts and culture, with a BFA from Emily Carr University. As a Colour Consultant, her approach to is collaborative. “ I will come to the site, become acquainted with you and your space, and together we will fine-tune your Benjamin Moore colour palette. Whether you are looking for an ultra contemporary feel, a quiet and tailored look, an eclectic variety of colours, or a simply elegant feel; I will consider the fixed elements along with the belongings you love to display to select the paint colours that will tie them all together”.

Korey can help with any of the following:

– Colour palettes for Interior and Exterior
– Residential and Commercial applications
– Renovations and New builds
– On site Wallpaper selection
– Product and Process recommendations
– DIY paint and stain trouble shooting
– Décor placement & concept guidance
– Fixed element and fixture selection
– Artwork selection and placement
– Commissioned oil paintings & drawings