Providing you the best painting experience

For interior painting, look no further than Painter's Paint . We recognize the great responsibility and privilege of being in your home, and we will treat it responsibly. We can help you select colors, choose the type of paint, and will meet your requirements in terms of scheduling and accessibility. Our goal is to provide the very best painting experience you can have.

The Painter's Paint Process for Interior House Painting


1. Set Up
Items are placed in the center of the room and covered with clean, new plastic sheeting. All floors are protected with drop cloths.

2. Prepare
Based on your requests, holes and cracks in ceilings and walls are filled; stains are sealed, and surfaces are scuff sanded.

3. Paint
Repaired areas are primed, and premium quality paint is applied to a uniform finish.

4. Clean Furniture and accessories are moved back to their desired locations. Floors and carpets are vacuumed and swept. All of our materials are removed.

5. Inspect After our own inspection, you are invited to inspect our work and asked to complete the feedback card for the crew.

Tips for interior paint colours

Colour can make the single biggest difference in how a room looks and feels. We’ve all had the experience of rooms that just “feel” warm, cool, intimate, or stark based simply on the colour of the walls and ceiling. When choosing interior paint color there are many factors to consider. Painters Paint can help you select colours that will give you the feeling you’re looking for!

  • Our interior designer is capable of pulling off the trickiest of projects. Painter’s Paint will complete your project with top quality paints and thorough preparation.

  • Even within the same colour family, individual colours can have different effects. For example, greens and greys can be warm or cool, depending on their composition of pigments.
  • Lighter colours tend to expand a space and make it seem bigger. Darker colours, on the other hand, can make a space feel smaller and more intimate.
  • Consider your furniture and flooring when deciding on interior paint colours to ensure that they will harmonize.
  • Once you’ve narrowed down your choices to a few, be sure to paint sample swatches on your walls for comparison. Paint will go on lighter when first applied, so let it dry completely before making your decision.